Housing Choice Vouchers Make A Difference

Provide Flexible Assistance to Poor Families

Housing Choice Vouchers Make A DifferenceA recent Washington Post blog post makes the case for “How small changes to federal housing policy could make a big difference for poor kids.”

“Federal housing programs help the families of about 4 million low-income children. But, according to a new analysis from the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities (CBPP), a small sliver of those children — about 15 percent — actually live in stable, low-poverty neighborhoods, even with that help from the government.”

Writes Emily Badger.

And the CBPP report suggests,

“That Housing Choice Vouchers are much more effective than the other two programs at helping families live in census tracts where many of their neighbors aren’t poor, too. This isn’t surprising, since vouchers are the most flexible form of assistance.”

Some suggestions for assisting families in using the vouchers include:

  • Helping families use vouchers to move into low-poverty neighborhoods
  • Assisting families in figuring out how to move into these neighborhoods, and
  • Making vouchers more portable.

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