Homeless College Athletes

More Than 100,000 Working
Towards Ticket Out of Homelessness

Homeless College AthletesA recent Sports Illustrated cover story reported that over 100,000 student athletes playing on public school and college teams are homeless.

On October 20, 2014, The Huffington Post reported on that article in a report entitled that “More than 100,000 High School College Athletes are Homeless.”

“’We have this perception of homelessness as sleeping on park benches and under bridges, really it’s broader than that. It might be shelter, it might be couch surfing, going to home-to-home.’”

Sports Illustrated reporter John Wertheim said.

Looking at the general population of homeless high school students, according to a U.S. Dept. of Education study:

  • 75% of homeless high school students lived doubled up with friends or family,
  • 16% live in homeless shelters and 3% are un-sheltered.

These students face the risks of earning failing grades due to the fact that lack of sleep and food hinders their concentration in school or more seriously of being sexually abused or trafficked.

Isaiah Lamb was one of three high school sports stars with Division I scholarship prospects which would be “game changers” in their and their families lives.

“…Isaiah Lamb did whatever it took to keep up his image as the ‘good basketball player with the perfect life’ — not the struggling homeless kid who didn’t even have access to a shower.

For three years, the Baltimore senior called a parking lot home and as recently as a year ago, lived in a laundromat where he could at least wash up by using the sink.

Lamb currently has six Division-1 basketball scholarship offers.”

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