Young Jazz Artist Sings a Message
That is Unfortunately Still Relevant

Natasha ScheubleIn keeping with National Homelessness and Hunger Awareness Week, Monarch Housing reflects on the successful Love Notes Jazz Marathon fundraiser event on November 8, 2014.

Seventeen-year-old Natasha Scheuble jazz singer performed, “Brother Can You Spare a Dime?”

Her twelve year old sister Leonieke Scheuble accompanied her on the piano while their father Nick Scheuble played the drums.

Natasha introduced the song by saying while although it was written for the Great Depression, she thought it was timeless and perfect for the evening’s event.

It was very appropriate because on the night of January 28, 2014, 13,900 homeless men, women and children were counted across the state of New Jersey. This was an overall increase of 1,898 persons, or 15.8%, compared to the 2013 count.

As Monarch Housing looks ahead to #GivingTuesday, we hope you will think about her performance of “Brother Can you Spare a Dime?” to help Monarch create homes for our homeless neighbors.

“Once in khaki suits, ah, gee, we looked swell
Full of that Yankee Doodly Dum
Half a million boots went slogging through Hell
And I was the kid with the drum

Oh, say, don’t you remember? They called me ‘Al’
It was ‘Al’ all the time
Say, don’t you remember? I’m your pal
Buddy, can you spare a dime?”

Help end homelessness in New Jersey. Support Monarch Housing Associates on #GivingTuesday, December 2, 2014.

For more information on how to donate, visit Monarch’s website today.

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