A Home of Your Own is Priceless

Homelessness Advocate Pushes for
More Voucher Funding

A Home of Your Own is PricelessThe November 19, 2014 Daily Record features a Letter to the Editor from homelessness advocate Valerie Fox.

She shares her own story while making a push for all of us to advocate for funding for more housing vouchers.

In “A Home of Your Own is Priceless,” Fox writes,

“The food pantries, the soup kitchens, and shelters are very good, but they do not equal a home. I have said it before, but I will say it again: A person cannot move forward unless the person has permanent housing.”

“Permanent housing makes such a wonderful difference in the lives of persons. I know this to be true because I was homeless years ago, and having permanent housing gave me self-dignity, which has never left me. It has made me so very much stronger mentally, so much more of a contributing citizen.”

Her message is one that we can all respond to:

“This Congress is not sympathetic to the plights of many vulnerable people including the homeless. Perhaps send a letter to your legislator asking for his/her support of more housing voucher availability. Advocacy works. This has been proven so if you have a little time, a letter to your legislator will be very helpful.”

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