Congress Finalizes FY 2015 Appropriations

Hill Update: Budget at Risk

Congress to Finalize FY 2015 AppropriationsMembers of Congress hope to wrap up the 113th Congress with a final vote on the “cromnibus”- a combination of a continuing resolution and an omnibus funding bill – before the current continuing resolution (CR) funding the government runs out this Thursday, December 11, 2014.

The cromnibus would fund the Department of Homeland Security through March and fund all other federal operations, including homeless assistance and affordable housing programs, through the end of the federal fiscal year on September 30, 2015.

The cromnibus, which was meant to avert a government shutdown later this week, has been delayed by protracted negotiations on a number of issues, including President Obama’s recent immigration order.

The budget was approved on December 11th and includes $35.6 billion for HUD programs, which is approximately $90 million less than total HUD funding in FY2014. This includes $30M more for McKinney-Vento and $50M less for HOME. We will have more details in our next Hill update.