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Highlights Monarch’s Clear Goals

Mission Driven Results OrientedThe Winter 2014 issue of Affordable Housing Magazine features the article, “Mission Driven: Clear Goals Outline Operations for Monarch Housing Associates.”

Monarch Housing will be twenty-five years old in 2015 and has always been mission driven and result oriented.

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“We are mission oriented, and we have an impact broader than most,” says Richard Brown, CEO. “We work statewide through partnerships and relationships. We do advocacy, and we do housing and development. We work with homelessness. We are unique in the sense that we provide quality and we are really results oriented, both through partnerships and working on our goals.”

“Partnerships have been the key to Monarch’s success, “Over the years, Monarch Housing Associates has also come to learn the importance of beneficial relationships, and the organization has formed a variety of partnerships in the affordable housing industry to further advance its goals, as well as the goals of its partners.

‘We’ve had partnerships with nonprofits and for-profits. We’ve also done partnerships with public agencies, housing authorities and county and local governments,’ Brown says. “We have a broad range of partnerships that enable us to bring our best set of skills to the table, but also help leverage the other resources and projects that work for all of us.’”

Monarch Housing’s CEO Richard Brown summarized the importance of the organization’s critical work.

Kilmer Homes Leasing Brand New ApartmentsAnd looking to the future Monarch “Is pleased with the impact the organization has made on communities, and Brown says the organization will continue to follow its guiding vision and mission.

‘We want to continue our activities and continue to build on them,’ he says. ‘We want to become more actively involved in the development of affordable [housing]. We want to try to have more of an impact on ending homelessness and actually ending it. And last but not least, we want to change our advocacy activities because advocacy is critical to ensure that we have the public and private resources and the ability to build together on futures that will work for all of us.’”

Said Monarch Housing’s CEO Richard Brown.

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