NJ Senate Supports Funding NHTF

Common Sense Investment Act of
2013 Would Provide Critical Funding

Join NJ in the United for Home CampaignOn December 18, 2014, the New Jersey State Senate passed a resolution (SJR65), which urges Congress to pass “Common Sense Housing Investment Act of 2013.”

The proposed legislation converts mortgage interest deduction to tax credit and dedicates money saved to National Housing Trust Fund. NJ Senate President Sweeney sponsored the legislation. And Senator Theresa M. Ruiz was the co-sponsor. The resolution passed 31-2-6.

This resolution shows the Senate’s support for the efforts of the United for Homes Campaign to secure funding for the National Housing Trust Fund.

Congressional funding would provide $165M a year in critical new resources for creating affordable and supportive housing in New Jersey.

Click here for a link to SJR65.

This is the roll call vote on the resolution. Members voting no are in bold.

Addiego, Dawn Marie – Not Voting
Allen, Diane B. – Not Voting
Barnes, Peter J., III – Yes
Bateman, Christopher – Yes
Beach, James – Yes
Beck, Jennifer – Not Voting
Bucco, Anthony R. – Yes
Cardinale, Gerald – No
Codey, Richard J. – Yes
Connors, Christopher J. – Yes
Cruz-Perez, Nilsa – Yes
Cunningham, Sandra B. – Yes
Doherty, Michael J. – Yes
Gill, Nia H. – Yes
Gordon, Robert M. – Yes
Greenstein, Linda R. – Yes
Holzapfel, James W. – Not Voting
Kean, Thomas H., Jr. – Yes
Kyrillos, Joseph M., Jr. – Yes
Lesniak, Raymond J. – Yes
Madden, Fred H., Jr. – Yes
O’Toole, Kevin J. – Yes
Oroho, Steven V. – Not Voting
Pennacchio, Joseph – Yes
Pou, Nellie – Yes
Rice, Ronald L. – Yes
Ruiz, M. Teresa – Yes
Sacco, Nicholas J. – Yes
Sarlo, Paul A. – Yes
Scutari, Nicholas P. – Yes
Singer, Robert W. – Yes
Smith, Bob – Yes
Stack, Brian P. – Yes
Sweeney, Stephen M. – Yes
Thompson, Samuel D. – Not Voting
Turner, Shirley K. – Yes
Van Drew, Jeff – Yes
Vitale, Joseph F. – No
Weinberg, Loretta – Yes
Whelan, Jim – Yes

The New Jersey State Assembly introduced its version of the resolution the same day which was sponsored by Assembly Majority Leader Louis Greenwald. Click here for a link to the Assembly version.

We hope that you will urge any organizations or elected officials you work with to endorse the efforts of the United Homes Campaign.

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