Love Notes Jazz Marathon Helped End Homelessness in NJ

Twenty-One Local Artists Donated Their Talent

Love Notes Jazz Marathon Helped End Homelessness in NJ

(L to R) Lois Tangowski, Bruce Tangowski, Richard W. Brown and Janet Sangekar

On December 31, 2014, Janet Sangekar and Bruce and Lois Tangowski of the Salem Roadhouse Café presented Monarch Housing with a check from the proceeds of the Love Notes Jazz Marathon.

The event to help end homelessness was held on November 8, 2014 at the Salem Roadhouse Cafe at the Townley Presbyterian Church in Union. Twenty-one local musicians donated their time and performed for over four hours, headlined by Carrie Jackson and Stephen Fuller.

“The Roadhouse Café is all about music, art — and charity. The monthly Roadhouse Café shows raise funds for numerous charities around New Jersey, and we are proud to offer the community a safe, friendly, professional, and fun place to hear music and see local artwork by New Jersey artists.”

Said Bruce Tangowski, Director of the Salem Roadhouse Café.

Monarch Housing appreciates the Roadhouse Café and its performers continued support of its mission.

“Since 1990, Monarch Housing has been working to end homelessness in NJ through sound planning, advocacy and partnerships and the creation of housing opportunities for all. Love Notes Jazz Marathon helped us increase awareness that we can and must end homelessness. Partnering with the Salem Roadhouse Cafe is always a joy and pleasure.”

Stated Richard Brown, CEO of Monarch Housing.

Herb Glenn, a self-taught multi-talented inspiration to the arts and cultural community, took 130 photos of the Love Notes Jazz Marathon.

Salem Roadhouse Café is an intimate music venue that showcases the area’s top professional musicians. Carrie Jackson, a well-known New Jersey and New York jazz performer, helped the Roadhouse Cafe to organize and host the event, and lent her amazing vocal talents to the show.

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