The Homeless Homed

Giving Homes to the Homeless
Ends Homelessness

Jon Stewart Show: The Homeless HomedAs part of his January 7, 2015 show, Jon Stewart sent his reporter, Hasan Minhaj, to investigate Salt Lake City’s mind-blowing initiative to eradicate chronic homelessness.

Salt Lake City, as we have reported, has used Housing First to end homelessness.

In introducing The Daily Show segment, “The Homeless Homed,” Stewart says, “no one likes homelessness.”

Through his interviews with Lloyd Pendleton, Director of the Homeless Task Force, and Russell Flowers, Minhaj used humor to dispel a few common myths about homelessness.

On “how they did it,” Pendleton responded, “by giving homes to the homeless.”

In explaining why it makes fiscal sense, he explains how the cost of housing someone “first” can save about $10,000 per person.

And really, Flowers says it best, “No one wants to be poor – everyone needs a hand sometime.”

Flowers, who once lived on the street, has “gotten (his) life back together” and has a job and an apartment.

Overall this video reiterates that housing first works by savings lives and saving money.

Although there has been great but limited success in NJ on housing first, how can we work to expand the Housing First model in New Jersey so that the homeless don’t just have to “live in Utah” to have homes of their own. Together we can end homelessness in the Garden State.

Click here for the Jon Stewart segment.