Preparing for NJ Counts 2015

Webinar Covers Essential
Point-in-Time Count Information

NJ Counts 2015Monarch Housing Associates NJ Counts 2015 Point-In-Time Training Webinar covers important topics for agencies, staff, and volunteers participating in the January 2015 count.

Some of the essential information covered in this webinar includes:

  • Introduction to the Point-In-Time Count
  • Who to count in the Point-In-Time Count of the homeless, and how to count them
  • Important tools for understanding Count methodology
  • Changes to the 2015 Point-In-Time process
  • General Survey Guidelines
  • Detailed explanation of all paper survey questions and instruction on filling out the survey
  • Key dates and submission deadlines for NJ Counts 2015
  • Step by step guidance for entering survey data into online data tool in SurveyMonkey and
  • Important fields for HMIS-participating agencies to review and update”

Click here for the webinar’s PowerPoint presentation.

Click here for a YouTube video of the webinar.

Questions about NJ Counts 2015? Please email Monarch or call 908-272-5363 x228.

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