NJ Counts 2015 Planning Local Outreach to the Press

Homeless Families, Youth and Veterans
How to Tell Our Story

NJ Counts 2015On January 7, 2015, Monarch Housing Associates hosted a webinar – NJ Counts 2015 Reaches Out to Homeless Families, Youth and Veterans – Planning your Local Outreach to the Press.

NJ Counts 2015 will take place in most local communities on the night of January 27, 2015. NJ Counts 2015 provides the unique opportunity to share with the press not only specifics about the logistics of the count but also factors that will most likely contribute to this year’s count and the best practices being used across the state to end homelessness.

Local contacts for the county-by-county Point-in-Time Count participated and Monarch shared information about:

  • General Media Tips
  • Press Contacts
  • What the press will want and
  • Press materials

If you are involved in your local Point-in-Time Count and would like help in working with the press, please contact Kate Kelly.

Click here for the webinar slides.

Click here for tips on working with the media.