NJ Counts 2015 in the News

Hudson County Plans for Accurate Count

NJ Counts 2015NJ Counts 2015 is already making news!

On January 9, 2015, The Jersey Journal featured the article, “Hudson County to conduct its annual ‘Point-In-Time’ homeless count Jan. 28.”

Randi Moore, division chief at the Hudson County Division of Housing and Community Development explained the importance of the annual census of the homeless.

“The information we get from the PIT count is one of our tools we use to divide funding among areas of need for the homeless throughout the year.”

Said Moore.

NJ Counts 2015 takes place across the state’s twenty-one counties and counts individuals living in shelters and those who are un-sheltered.

“Moore says she expects a very accurate count this year, thanks in part to ramped up outreach efforts over the past year by Garden State CDC.

‘I think a lot of the homeless people know that we will be looking for them and that we are trying to help them.”

Said Moore.

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