First Step to Ending Homelessness

NJ Counts 2015 On WNBC4

Taiisa and Katie on WNBCOn January 15, 2014, Monarch’s Taiisa Kelly and Katie Brennan spoke on WNBC with Roseanne Colletti about NJ Counts 2015.

The interview gave Kelly and Brennan an opportunity highlight Monarch Housing’s commitment to ending homelessness and developing affordable housing in New Jersey and the partnerships at the local and state level that are the key to our work.

“Ultimately our goal is to create more permanent housing so that someone can have a home forever.”

Said Brennan.

In 2014, NJ Counts found 13,900 individuals experiencing homelessness at that point. And said Kelly over the course of the year, “26,000 individuals were sheltered across the state” which highlights just how significant the homeless and at-risk of being homeless population is in New Jersey.

On proven strategies for ending homelessness including Rapid Re-Housing, said Kelly,

“Everybody is ready for housing, everybody deserves the right to housing” and coordinated assessment, it “Funnels people through the system faster and gets them into housing faster.”

Brennan pointed out how the recent lottery for the Kilmer Homes in New Jersey brought to light the severe demand for homes people can afford. There were five times as many applicants for apartments for the homeless than there were apartments available.

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