Affordable Housing Resources for Sandy Impacted Families

State Launches New Programs
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Renew NJ StrongerNew Jersey has launched several new recovery programs to help low- to-moderate income homeowners:

  • Rebuild their Sandy-damaged homes,
  • Provide storm-impacted tenants of limited financial means with rental assistance,
  • Make housing counseling services available to Sandy-impacted homeowners and renters, and
  • Expand outreach efforts to ensure full and meaningful access to recovery assistance for vulnerable populations, including low-to- moderate income households and individuals of Limited English Proficiency living in the nine counties that the federal government determined were most impacted by Sandy.

While the State of New Jersey has made great strides over the past several months with its Sandy recovery programs, it also recognizes that recovery from a disaster the magnitude of Sandy is a multi-year effort that requires a continued commitment to assisting families and communities in rebuilding from the storm.

If you or a loved one was impacted by Sandy and want to receive more information about upcoming recovery programs, click here to complete the Superstorm Sandy Assistance Notification Form or call 1-855-SANDYHM (726-3946).

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