End Gov. Christie’s Defiance of the Supreme Court

His Actions Exclude Affordable Housing

Governor ChristieA January 16, 2015 Star-Ledger editorial calls on Governor Chris Christie to end his defiance of the Supreme Court’s affordable housing rulings.

The editorial is timely as the Court is about to make a decision on the COAH case. At the same time across the state, affordable housing transforms the lives of formerly homeless families or those who once faced the risk of homelessness.

“Christie isn’t picking this fight for any just cause; he simply wants towns to be able to exclude affordable housing.”

New Jersey faces a severe shortage of affordable housing. Yet,

“Now, his administration is refusing to comply with the court’s order to establish new guidelines for how many affordable homes each town should make available. In effect, he is shutting down the state’s program to support affordable housing, one that has produced more than 60,000 low-cost units over the last three decades.”

He is defying the system of checks and balances laid out by the Constitution.

His actions could have very damaging repercussions for towns who want to do the right thing and create affordable housing.

“It would be far better if Christie would end this revolt and embrace the more orderly Mt. Laurel process that’s been in place for decades.”

Click here for the full editorial.

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