Press Reports on NJCounts and Need for More Affordable Housing

NJCounts 2015 Moves Ahead in
Some Communities; Delayed in Others

NJ Counts 2015About half of the counties in the state moved forward with hosting the Point-in-Time and Project Homeless Connect events on January 28, 2015.

Yet the event still continued to attract the attention from the media across the state.

The balance of the NJCounts events will occur on February 4. 2015. Click here for an updated schedule.

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“Statewide homelessness is increasing. The economic downturn is just one of the factors. ‘A person would need to work three full-time jobs if they had minimum wage salary in order to afford a two-bedroom apartment in the state.’”

Said Monarch’s Taiisa Kelly on NJTV.

In that same news segment, The Center in Asbury Park, Inc. makes the case for the critical need for federal housing funding, which was very timely given HUD’s funding announcement on Monday.

“Bottom line is that they’re living far beyond the poverty level until they could not afford any kind of decent housing. If we want them to get better, if we want them to stay clean, if we want them to be able to deal with their disease, then they’re gonna have to have housing.”

Said Rev. Robert Kaeding, executive director of The Center in Asbury Park, Inc.

“We are expecting that number to increase this year as more people are able to sustain the outdoor conditions. I think the numbers are just indicative of the ongoing needs in the state in terms of the lack of affordable housing in New Jersey and the lack of jobs that pay a living wage.”

Taiisa Kelly also spoke with 101.5 about counting the homeless who are unsheltered.

“We try to target places like soup kitchens and drop in centers, places where people might be seeking services throughout the day even if we don’t know where they are sleeping,”

Said Taiisa Kelly to WBGO News.

MyCentralJersey reported on the how the local counts in Hunterdon, Middlesex and Union Counties.

“Throughout most of this week, we will have a Code Blue in effect. We will make every effort to get everyone who is homeless and out on the street into a shelter. What we will do is get a count from the people at the various shelters. Social workers also will be asked to call in counts from any daytime activities that are going on.”

Union County spokesman Sebestian D’Elia said.

The Atlantic City Press reported on the count in Atlantic County.

“You see a lot of people that are living with family, living in overcrowded situations in violation of the lease because they’re not technically on there.”

Said Ann Thoresen, who directs the Atlantic Homeless Alliance, said some attendees suffer from extreme poverty, while others could face eviction at any moment.

The Courier Post reported on how the weather impacted plans in the southern part of the state.

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