Homeless Youth Count and Should Be Counted

Trying to Accurately Count Homeless Youth

Homeless Youth Count and Should Be CountedThe National Alliance to End Homelessness’ Sharon McDonald recently wrote a blog post, “Homeless Youth Count (And Should Be Counted!)” which explains why #homelessyouth often go uncounted during “point-in-time” counts of the homeless.

Even though communities across New Jersey have already conducted #NJCounts 2015, she makes the following suggestions for how to most accurately include youth experiencing homelessness in counts that we should all keep in mind for 2016:

  • Make sure to include youth sleeping in runaway and homeless youth programs.
  • Contact homeless youth providers, including drop-in centers and outreach workers, to get recommendations on where youth who are outdoors can be located.
  • Ask youth who are experiencing homelessness for advice on locating places where young homeless people congregate and strategies to engage them.
  • Vary the time the count is conducted to reach youth during the afternoon hours, when they might be found more easily.

Click here for her full blog post.

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