Beyond 4 Walls and a Roof for Transgender Youth

Addressing Homelessness
Among Transgender Youth

Beyond 4 Walls and a RoofThe number of unaccompanied homeless youth in the United States is alarming, with some experts comparing it to an epidemic. Studies indicate that lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender, or LGBT, youth comprise a disproportionate percentage of these young people  — approximately 40%.

American Progress has released a new report on the alarmingly increasing number of transgender homeless youth and the unique challenges that the face.

The report includes the following recommendations for preventing and ending transgender youth homelessness:

  • Providing the resources needed for homeless and at-risk #transgenderyouth to stabilize their lives,
  • Implementing strong nondiscrimination policies and eliminating barriers to services in shelters, health care, vital records, and law enforcement,
  • Addressing the root causes of homelessness through changes to the interlocking systems that hold transgender youth back from reaching their full potential, and
  • Expanding data-collection efforts to include gender identity in respectful and confidential ways.

“No commitment to seeing all youth safely housed will be complete until policymakers, service providers, researchers, and advocates join transgender young people in celebrating who they are and who they could grow to be.”

Hannah Hussey of American Progress stated.

Click here for more details including a link to the report.