Showing the Homeless that We Care

NJ Counts 2015Catholic Charities, Diocese of Camden recently blogged about its #NJCounts 2015 point-in-time count of the homeless in Milville in Cumberland County.

The blog provided a first hand account of what it means to go out and count the homeless living on the streets and in parks and those who frequent church meal programs. Interviews with the homeless counted tell the story of just how hard life on the streets can be.

“I started doing this because it’s good that there’s a day where the homeless get recognized. It shows the homeless that we care. And it raises awareness for people who might not think we have any homeless in Cumberland County.”

Said Cindy Lebron of Catholic Charities speaking about her ten years of helping conduct the Point In Time Survey.

“While the services agencies wait for the survey data to be entered and processed and wind its way through the government’s fiscal chain, Dorothy waits, too, on the bench in her gazebo. Her son died last year, just a few months after his release from prison.

‘I’m still waiting for him to come back,’ she says. ‘Each time the bus goes by I expect him to get out.’

While she waits, she sits chatting with her friends, trying to keep warm in the February air.

‘We’re like a family,’ she says. ‘We look out for each other.’”

Said Cindy Lebron of Catholic Charities.

Also, The Daily Journal posted a video in which Cindy Lebron of Catholic Charities talks about the #NJCounts Point in Time 2015 survey at the Vineland code Blue Warming Center.

Click here for Catholic Charities’ blog post.

Click here for The Daily Journal’s video footage.

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