Protect Programs Serving Low-Income People

Support Funding for Housing Programs
Sign Letter by March 12, 2015

Coalition on Human NeedsJoin Monarch Housing Associates in signing onto a letter by the Strengthening America’s Values and Economy (SAVE) for All Coalition, urging lawmakers to preserve and strengthen the government’s capacity to invest in housing and other programs that protect people with low incomes.

The deadline for signing the letter is Thursday, March 12, 2015.

SAVE for All is a coalition of national, state, and local advocacy groups, service providers, faith-based organization, policy experts, labor, and civil rights groups working to protect important services from harmful federal budget cuts and to save the federal capacity to spur economic recovery and progress for the benefit of all.

The House and Senate will work to reach a budget resolution by late March. Many new members of Congress have voiced support for cutting funding and permanently reducing the capacity of housing and other programs to meet the needs of low-income people.

We need to strengthen the resolve of champions in Congress and the Obama Administration to prevent these cuts. Members of Congress need to hear that organizations representing their constituents believe that the federal government must preserve and strengthen its capacity to invest in shared prosperity to help all people, especially those who have the least.

Join advocates by signing a letter urging lawmakers to end sequestration and to robustly fund vital programs that benefit low-income individuals and families.

Click here to sign the letter.