Kilmer Homes Gets $20,000 Donation from Bob’s Discount Furniture

Bob’s Discount Furniture Teams Up with Blue Bell to
Provide Mattresses For Apartments for the Homeless

Klimer Homes Reçoives $20,000 Donation from Bob’s Discount Furniture

Jose Reyna, Bobs Furniture, Leslie Stivale and Cynthia Light, Triple C Housing, Madeline Cook, Edison Affordable Housing, Richard W. Brown and Harold Steven, Bob’s Furniture.

On February 27, 2015, Kilmer Homes received a donation of 54 sets of new mattresses and box springs from Bob’s Discount Furniture and the largest U.S. King Koil mattress licensee Blue Bell Mattress Co. Inc. The donation will help the tenants of the 30 permanent and supportive housing apartments for homeless families.

This March, tenants will start moving into newly constructed affordable apartments built on vacant land at the former Camp Kilmer army base in Edison, N.J. Although most of the 120 apartments will be reserved for disabled veterans and low-income residents selected by lottery, 30 are available for homeless families and individuals.

Most of the formerly homeless tenants do not own their own furniture, so to help them successfully transition into their new homes, Bob’s and Hartford, Conn.-based Blue Bell Mattress will split the nearly $20,000 cost of providing 54 sets of new mattresses and box springs. The companies delivered the first 27 mattress and box spring sets last week, and plan to deliver a second shipment of 27 sets later in the month.

The #KilmerHomes development is the result of nearly a decade of collaboration by a partnership of non-profit housing developers and services providers including Triple C Housing, Inc., Monarch Housing Associates, Edison Affordable Housing, the Alpert Group, and various federal, state and local officials. The U.S. Department of Defense donated land for the project, and the Edison township agreed to defer property taxes for 15 years.

“We are proud to be able to support the ambitious efforts of Edison Township and the broad group of Kilmer Homes partners to address the problem of chronic homelessness in their community.”

Said Bob Kaufman, president emeritus and co-founder of Bob’s Discount Furniture.

“A lack of affordable housing is one of the main causes of homelessness nationwide and the Kilmer Homes project shows that by working together and being willing to try new approaches, we can make a real difference in reducing, and ultimately eliminating homelessness.”

Said Mark Kolovson, president of Blue Bell Mattress.

“We greatly appreciate the generosity of Bob’s Discount Furniture and Blue Bell Mattress. Many of the homeless residents moving in to Kilmer have never had their own apartments. These donated mattresses provide a big help to them as they settle in to their new homes.”

Said Richard Brown, CEO of Monarch Housing Associates, a non-profit housing development organization and partner in the Kilmer Homes project.

The United Way of Central NJ will be donating dishes, glassware, flatware and pots and pans for the kitchen. We appreciate their generous donations!

There is still time to make a donation of Bed Bath & Beyond gift cards to help furnish the apartments for the homeless families moving into 30 new apartments at Kilmer Homes in Edison, New Jersey. Click here for more details.