Obama Budget Restores Housing Vouchers

Congress Should Follow Its Lead

Funding Housing Choice Vouchers in FY 2016This week, the House and Senate are debating their budget resolutions.

The Center for Budget and Policy Priorities (CBPP) urges Congress to “Follow the lead of the Obama budget and provide sufficient funding in 2016 to renew all housing vouchers that low-income families are currently using and restore an additional 67,000 vouchers next year.”

CBPP has released a new paper that explains:

“In previous years Congress set aside money to begin restoring housing assistance cut when sequestration eliminated 100,000 vouchers in 2013. President Obama’s FY16 budget finishes that job.”

“Congress’ ability to restore the 67,000 housing vouchers cut under sequestration — and to target some of those vouchers on homelessness and other urgent needs for housing assistance — may depend on an agreement to mitigate sequestration.
The incidence of severe housing affordability problems among renters remains well above pre-recession levels and homelessness remains a large and persistent problem in many communities. Fully restoring vouchers should be a key goal this year and Congress should aggressively pursue an agreement to alleviate sequestration.”

Specifically, the President’s budget proposal restores the remaining 67,000 vouchers lost nationally to sequestration.

The specific targets for the 30,000 vouchers to vulnerable groups are:

  • 22,500 vouchers to homeless families, veterans who are unable to receive HUD-VASH vouchers, victims of domestic and dating violence, and Native Americans.
  • 2,600 Family Unification Program vouchers.
  • 4,900 vouchers to victims of domestic violence, dating violence, sexual assault and stalking, as defined by the Violence Against Women Act Reauthorization of 2013, who require an emergency transfer.

Click here for the full CBPP report.