Opening 1,000 Doors

SHA Requests Funding for
1,000 New State Rental Vouchers

Opening 1,000 DoorsThe Supportive Housing Association of New Jersey (SHA) will request $10 million to fund an additional 1,000 new state rental vouchers. The campaign is in partnership with its members, advocacy partners, families and consumers.

The campaign appeals to Governor Christie and the Legislature to add the funding to the 2016 state budget. Over the next two months, SHA urges everyone to sign and share its online petition, visit legislators and write letters to the editor in your local papers.

SHA requests $10 million to fund 1,000 new state rental vouchers for very low-income individuals with disabilities. These vouchers will be targeted to those who do not have access to affordable housing.

In his proposed budget, Governor Christine included $2 million for new vouchers for housing for 200 people with intellectual and developmental disabilities. SHA is requesting an additional $8 million for 800 additional new vouchers.

As background on this proposed funding, many people with disabilities who receive Social Security Income (SSI) have incomes of less than $800 per month and cannot afford to live independently. Instead, they live with aging parents or in substandard housing or experience homelessness.

The cost per voucher is $10,000 per person per year. This funding will further address the housing needs of the poor living with disabilities while saving dollars spent on prisons, homeless shelters and emergency rooms.

This new $10 million should become an annual part of the state budget and be earmarked in addition to housing vouchers and subsidies already committed as part of the state’s Olmstead settlement obligation.

Click here to read more about Opening 1,000 Doors and sign the online petition.

Individuals and organizations interested in visiting state legislators in their districts and/or writing articles in local media should contact Gail Levinson.