Our National Affordable Housing Crisis

Restore 67,000 Vouchers Lost To Sequestration

Julian CastroIn a recent opinion piece on CNN’s website, “Our National Affordable Housing Crisis,” U.S. Dept. of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) Secretary Julian Castro writes about the HUD budget ask for funding the Housing Choice Voucher Program.

His piece focuses on Silicon Valley but the messages about housing affordability translate to New Jersey.

“Our entire nation is in the midst of an affordable housing crisis. The agency I lead, the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, recently released a report estimating that 7.7 million low-income households live in substandard housing, spend more than half their incomes on rent or both.”

And specifically about a push for more Housing Choice Voucher (Section 8 funding) he said.

“We are also asking Congress to expand our Housing Choice Voucher Program, which allows recipients of modest means, the elderly, and people with disabilities to find housing in the private market. This includes restoring 67,000 vouchers that were lost to sequestration.”

Congress has the opportunity to make an investment in affordable housing that help include homes for all of our neighbors.

“Our nation’s affordable housing challenges won’t be solved overnight, and we still need to do more to make sure that more folks are able to prosper. Let’s not squander this chance to make real progress for American families. Incredible things can happen when a wide variety of leaders come together for the common good.”

Click here for Secretary Castro’s full piece.