Rethink the 2016 NJ State Budget

Put the Money Where It Should Be

Rethink the 2016 NJ State BudgetThe Anti-Poverty Network (APN) has launched a new series, “Rethink the 2016 Budget: Put the Money Where it Should Be.

This 7-week series will focus on putting New Jersey’s money where it should be. Because we hope to start a dialogue about these budget priorities, we appreciate the efforts of Blue Jersey to promote the series and invite others to share and engage this conversation as well.

“Priorities is not a word that evokes urgency or a sense of shared destiny. It feels neutral from over-use. But the concept of priorities is actually central to basic American values like fairness, community, and opportunity. Priorities really means fairness – it means that we can’t let the investment of our state’s resources get skewed to disproportionately benefit the powerful.”

“We know what programs are effective in meeting the needs of our people: proven programs that address basic needs like homes people can afford, consistent access to nutritious food, and resources that empower people to meet their own needs.”

“The state’s budget really should reflect the priorities of its people. It should reflect priorities that put the money where it should be.”

Every Monday and Wednesday through May, APN will examine areas where New Jersey should be making a greater investment.

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