Christie Appoints Working Group on Ending Homelessness

Final Report Focused on Housing First
Rapid Re-housing Initiatives

Final Report NJ Interagency Council on Homelessness December 2015On April 24, 2015, acting on recommendations from The Interagency Council on Homelessness, Governor Chris Christie announced the formation of a Working Group to further explore ways in which to reduce and prevent homelessness in New Jersey.

Specifically, the Working Group will consider implementation of the proposals put forth by the Interagency Council, including Housing First policies, Rapid Re-Housing, and improved coordination among state agencies and social service providers that deliver key services to homeless individuals and families and those at risk of homelessness.

“Reducing homelessness continues to be a critical priority for my administration, and I want to personally thank the Interagency Council for undertaking a very challenging mission that has provided me with important, thought-provoking recommendations. We recognize that homelessness has many causes and the solutions to this issue must be comprehensive. I am confident that the Working Group I am creating today will play an integral role in moving state government forward in a more coordinated and strategic manner as we work with our partners to combat homelessness.”

Said Governor Christie.

Governor ChristieThe Working Group will be convened by the Governor’s Office and be comprised of senior leadership from the Departments of:

  1. Human Services,
  2. Children and Families,
  3. Corrections,
  4. Community Affairs,
  5. Military and Veterans Affairs,
  6. Health,
  7. Labor and Workforce Development,
  8. The Parole Board and
  9. The Housing and Mortgage Finance Agency

In addition, the Working Group will have two public members:

For the framework of its State Plan, the Interagency Council utilized the Opening Doors: Federal Plan to Prevent and End Homelessness. This plan was released in 2010 to provide Federal leadership to end veteran and chronic homeless by 2015 and homelessness among family, children and youth by 2020.

The Interagency Council recognized the importance of the Federal Plan and further recommends that the State of New Jersey adopt evidence-based practices to address homelessness that focus on moving individuals and families to housing as quickly as possible and providing the supports to keep them stably housed. Specifically, the practices include the following:

  • Housing First policies to meet the needs of the chronically homeless
  • Rapid Rehousing for homeless families and short term homeless populations
  • Prevention services to keep individuals and families from becoming homeless

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