Trenton/Mercer Unites Community’s Resources to End Homelessness

One-Stop Center Offers Opportunity
Model in Service Delivery

Trenton Mayor Eric JacksonOn April 22, 2015, The Times of Trenton featured an editorial, “Trenton One-Stop Center for Homeless Pulls Together Community’s Resource.

On April 16, 2015, the City of Trenton and Mercer County celebrated the grand opening of its Coordinated Entry and Assessment Services (CEAS) Center.

The vision of the CEASe system, of which the CEAS Center is the first step and point of entry, is that no one in the Trenton/Mercer area should experience homelessness and that everyone should have a safe, stable place to live.

The editorial recognizes that while giving every homeless individual and family a home can end homelessness, services, including homeless street outreach, will be critical to both getting and keeping the homeless housed.

In describing the idea behind why the CEAS Center will be so successful, “People can find themselves living on the streets for a wide variety of reasons. For some, it may be the loss of income; for others it may be substance abuse; and for others it might be an illness, either physical or mental.”

The Center has received the support of and endorsements from local elected officials.

“Today, we shift our focus from sheltering individuals to housing individuals,” Trenton Mayor Eric Jackson said at the opening ceremony for the CEAS Center. “This center illustrates our commitment that homeless clients are made whole with dignity and to provide them with a home, which is the essential first stop to rebuilding their lives.”

And it has the opportunity to truly end homelessness in Trenton and to serve as a model for other cities in New Jersey. “The Center Hopefully in a year’s time, the center will have made a measurable impact in reducing homelessness here and will serve as a blueprint for others to follow.”

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