NJ Homeless System Serves Almost 20,000 Households

Key Findings Provide Local Communities
Foundation for Planning to End Homelessness

NJ Homeless System Serves Almost 20,000 HouseholdsUsing data from New Jersey’s Homeless Management Information System (HMIS), Monarch Housing Associates has created Homeless Assessment Reports for each of New Jersey’s 16 Continuums of Care (CoC.)

Key findings of the total unduplicated populations served in HMIS participating emergency shelters, transitional housing and save haven projects between January 1, 2014 December 31, 2014 include:

  • A total of 19,635 households were served
  • 1,842 households identified as chronically homeless
  • 48% of adults served, either as individuals or part of a family household, identified having a disabling condition
  • 44% of the total population served was under age 30
  • 26% of households moved on to permanent destinations after discharge.

This report provides a snapshot of the characteristics of homeless households served throughout the State. This report can serve as the foundation for a more in depth review of the population and its needs. Communities in New Jersey are well positioned to move towards data driven planning with the wealth of information available through HMIS.

Although Monarch Housing is pleased that Governor Christie has formed a Working Group to further explore ways in which to reduce and prevent homelessness in New Jersey, these reports indicate that there is a pressing need for action now so that our neighbors who do not have a place to call home tonight can secure permanent and affordable housing.

Said Richard W. Brown, Monarch Housing’s CEO.

Of the 19,635 households served,

  • 72% were individuals in emergency shelters
  • 12% were families in shelters
  • 11% were individuals in transitional housing
  • 4% were families in transitional housing
  • 1% were individuals in safe haven.

Only a few counties provide safe haven emergency shelter or transitional housing for individuals experiencing homelessness.

For comparison, the 2013 New Jersey Homeless Assessment Reports are also now available.