Christie’s No Friend to Housing for Poor and Middle-Income New Jerseyans

Governor Dismantles COAH
Raids State’s Trust Fund

Governor ChristieNew Jersey Spotlight recently highlighted Governor Christie’s consistent lack of concern about affordable housing in the state.

“On January’s ‘Ask the Governor’ radio program on NJ 101.5, Christie responded to a question on the issue by stating, ‘But I also don’t think we have this overwhelming need for affordable housing in the state either.’”

He has repeatedly attacked the state’s Council on Affordable Housing (COAH.)

The state Supreme Court recently removed authority over administration of the Fair Housing Act from the Council on Affordable Housing.

“In word and deed, the governor has made it clear that affordable housing — even for Sandy victims — is not his concern. If there is one issue in which Gov. Chris Christie has been roundly criticized by almost all involved, it is housing. Since the beginning of his tenure, Christie has made clear his disdain — loathing is probably not too strong a word — for the mechanism through which the state oversees the construction of affordable housing, known as COAH.”

In addition to dismantling COAH, Christie has also taken money from the state’s Affordable Housing Trust Fund, which meant for housing production and used that funding for other already existing housing programs.

According to Tammori Petty, a spokeswoman for the Department of Community Affairs.

“Since 2010, the Housing Mortgage and Finance Authority (HMFA) HMFA has committed to creating about 12,800 multifamily rental units, 1,525 supportive-housing beds for the homeless and the disabled …”

But the Housing and Community Development Network of New Jersey’s Nina Arce voices the opinion of many housing advocates across the state.

“Overall, this governor has chosen to ignore New Jersey’s affordability problem. He has produced zero policies that would produce more quality, sustainable home options for our residents who are dealing with housing costs that outpace wages. New Jersey consistently ranks high in foreclosure and unaffordability and nothing has been done to improve that. While our neighbors are experiencing economic growth, ours has moved at a snail’s pace.”

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