Make Room for Our Neighbors

Raising Awareness in Support of 11M
Families Struggling to Pay Rent

Make Room for Our NeighborsOn May 1, 2015, the Enterprise Foundation launched the Make Room campaign. The goal of the campaign is to put the 11 million renter families whose rent consumes more than half their incomes on the national agenda.

Make Room will be convening forums and sharing stories—all to deepen awareness and urge our nation’s leaders to act.

And as part of our Concerts for the 1st series, top musical artists will lend their voices with performances in the living rooms of affected families.

The first of every month, the day the rent is due, Make Room will be releasing short films that tell the stories of our neighbors and show these intimate musical performances.

Make Room partners with and convenes corporations, policymakers, nonprofit organizations and advocates to raise awareness in support of the 11 million families struggling to make rent.

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