More than 30% of NJ Renters Spend Half Income on Rent

Increased Nationally by 11.25M Since 2007

Durate FamilyThe number of American households paying more than half of their household income towards housing increased 26% to 11.25 million since 2007.

A recent Washington Post article highlights an analysis of Census data by Enterprise Community Partners.

“’It means making really difficult trade-offs. There are daily financial dilemmas about making their rent or buying groceries.’”

Said Angela Boyd, a vice president at Enterprise Community Partners.

Make Room for Our NeighborsThe article profiles the Duartes, a Long Angeles area family that faced homelessness after a job loss and children with special needs needing the care of parent left the household with just one income. They underscore the importance of the Make Room campaign, whose goal is to put the 11 million renter families whose rent consumes more than half their incomes on the national agenda.

After five months living in a hotel, the Duartes are back in their own home – a two-bedroom apartment. But their housing situation is precarious, the family spends half of its one pay check on rent and utilities and they have no room in their budget for everyday” luxuries”.

The recovery from the “Great Recession” has not reached everyone, “Income has failed to match rent increases. At the same time, construction has failed to keep pace with demand from renters. The recession pushed more millennials, former homeowners who faced foreclosure and low-wage workers into rental housing.”

New Jerseyans have seen first hand the effects of the slow and lagging recovery and high rental costs.

“More than 30 percent of renters in California, Florida, New Jersey and New York state devote at least half their incomes to housing and utilities, according to the analysis.”

“For renters such as Duarte, the plan is that her husband can eventually return to work as their children reach adulthood, easing some of their financial pressures.

‘I hope that we never encounter homelessness again.’

She said.

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