Debunking Myths of Mortgage Interest Deduction

MID Poorly Targeted, Regressive
Expensive and Inefficient

Debunking Myths of Mortgage Interest DeductionThe United for Homes (UFH) Campaign released a video on May 14, 2015 titled “The MIDotaur Show: Mythbusting in the Morning.”

The video is a humorous, mock interview that debunks many commonly held misconceptions about the mortgage interest deduction (MID).

NLIHC President and CEO Sheila Crowley provides facts about the MID as she is interviewed by a talk show host who is the mythical Minotaur.

The video reinforces the message that the MID is poorly targeted, regressive, expensive, and inefficient. The video offers MID information in a playful manner in order to gain the attention of a broader audience. Advocates are encouraged to share the video through social media.

Click here to watch the video.