Homeless Veterans Welcome Home Act

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Representative Joyce BeattyRepresentative Joyce Beatty (R-OH, 3rd District) introduced the Homeless Veterans Welcome Home Act, H.R. 2522 in the House on May 21, 2015. Rep.

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House staffers should contact Jennifer Storipan in Representative Beatty’s office.

The Homeless Veterans Welcome Home Act would establish a national pilot program to provide furniture, household items, and other assistance to help homeless veterans as they transition into permanent housing.

As background, according to the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA), approximately 40,000 homeless veteran families receive permanent housing through VA housing assistance programs each year. However, most veterans who receive housing do not have the means to pay for critical household items and typically move into empty apartments. These veterans often have no means to cook or enjoy the basic comforts of a furnished home.

The Homeless Veterans Welcome Home Act would help fill this important gap in our assistance to homeless veterans by addressing their immediate move-in needs by:

  • Establishing a three year pilot program to award grants to eligible organizations to facilitate the delivery of furniture, household items, and other assistance to homeless veterans who qualify for housing under the VA’s housing assistance programs;
  • Requiring the VA to prioritize communities with the greatest need of homeless services and fair geographic distribution when awarding grants; and
  • Capping the maximum amount awarded per grant at $500,000, and the maximum amount of assistance provided to an eligible veteran at $2,500.