Over 1,800 Sign Opening 1,000 Doors Petition

SHA Hosts Campaign to Increase
Rental Vouchers For Disabled Individuals

Over 1,800 Sign “Opening 1,000 Doors” PetitionTo date, over 1,864 people have signed a petition supporting the Supportive Housing Association (SHA) of NJ’s “Opening 1,000 Doors” campaign.

SHA is hosting a campaign for the 2016 state budget – Opening 1,000 Doors. The campaign calls for an additional 1,000 rental vouchers so that people of very low income living with intellectual or developmental disabilities, people with mental illness and the homeless have a place to call home.

The online petition has been sent to legislative leaders, members of the budget committees, Governor Christie and members of his cabinet.

SHA urges others to support their efforts by signing the petition to open 1,000 doors for people with disabilities.

New Jersey has a history of providing care to its most vulnerable citizens however the need outstrips the availability of low-income housing. People living with mental illness, cerebral palsy and other developmental disabilities, physical impairments, on the autism spectrum, with and the homeless are vulnerable.

SHA urges New Jersey lawmakers to increase rental voucher funding so that individuals with low incomes and disabilities can rent an apartment in the community.

“Our request is being made in recognition of the continued support of NJ government in housing and services, but at a time when we must work more diligently to increase the number of people who will benefit from more independent living and the opportunity to contribute as residents of New Jersey. We are targeting people of very low income who are living with aging parents, in substandard housing or who are homeless.”

Said Gail Levinson, executive director, SHA.

Click here to sign SHA’s petition and learn more about “Opening 1,000 Doors.”

Click here for SHA’s press release.