Tools to End Homelessness

How to House NJ’s Most Vulnerable Citizens

Rapid Re-housingOn June 15, 2015, The Daily Record ran an op-ed piece by Gail Levinson, executive director of the Supportive Housing Association of New Jersey.

Writes Levinson:

“For low-income people with disabilities, New Jersey is not a welcoming place to live. … There are about 120,000 adults with disabilities in New Jersey who receive Social Security Supplemental Security Income benefits and live on less than $800 monthly.”

Levin suggests several ideas for New Jersey can “House its most vulnerable citizens” including:

  • Redirect public monies.
  • Encourage private investment.
  • Seek more efficient housing models.
  • Work with towns to build affordable housing.
  • Refurbish and build with accessibility in mind.
  • Add rental vouchers to the (state) budget.
  • Employ people with disabilities.
  • Encourage landlords to subsidize housing for people of very low income.

“No one place or state entity provides enough resources to solve the housing crisis. A mix of public and private resources and the natural support system must come together to achieve creative solutions. Everyone in New Jersey deserves a place to call home.”

Concludes Levinson.

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