LGBTQ Youth Overrepresented Among Homeless Youth

Population Experiences Homeless
Longer and Faces More Health Issues

True Colors FundHomeless youth who identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual, or questioning made up nearly 30 percent of the youth served by 138 homeless youth service providers surveyed.

The True Colors Fund released the report “Serving Our Youth 2015: The Needs and Experiences of LGBTQ Youth Experiencing Homelessness.”

The report presents findings from the 2014 LGBTQ Homeless Youth Provider Survey, which collected responses from 138 homeless youth service providers surveyed in 2014, from March through June.

lgbtreasonsRespondents reported to surveyors:

  • That LGBQ youth were overrepresented among homeless youth accessing their services, with 20 percent identifying as gay or lesbian, 7 percent identifying as bisexual, and 2 percent identifying as questioning their sexuality.
  • That 2 percent of the homeless youth they serve identified as transgender female, 1 percent identified as transgender male, and 1 percent identified as gender queer.
  • That the most common reasons LGBTQ youth gave for their becoming homeless was being forced out of the home or running away from home because of their sexual orientation or gender identity.
  • That youth of color were disproportionately represented among their LGBTQ clients, with 31 percent identifying as African American/Black, 14 percent Latino/Hispanic, 1 percent Native American, and 1 percent Asian/Pacific Islander.
  • That the LGBTQ youth they served had experienced homelessness for longer periods and struggled with more mental and physical health issues than other homeless youth they served.

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