Affordable Housing Critical Component of NJ’S Economic Growth

Provides Opportunity to Recruit and
Retain Businesses and Workers

Gary ForshnerIn a June 26, 2015 op-ed in the Star-Ledger, Gary Forshner makes the case that “Affordable housing a critical component of N.J.’s economic growth.”

Forshner is a member of the real estate, zoning and land use group and a shareholder at the law firm of Stark & Stark in Princeton. He currently serves as chair of the New Jersey State Bar Association’s Land Use Section.

“The recent Supreme Court decision to send affordable housing oversight back to the trial courts has major ramifications for N.J. property owners, developers and municipalities. An immediate concern is a 30-day window commencing June 8 for municipalities to formulate affordable housing plans and submit them to the courts.”

Forshner wrote.

He makes an economic case for the impact the lack of affordable housing can have on business in New Jersey.

“All things being equal, why would a company locate in New Jersey when the housing costs are so high and their workers are unable to afford decent housing?”

“The lack of affordable housing is one of the reasons business investment and retention initiatives require economic incentives, and therefore, affordable housing must be considered a critical component of New Jersey’s economic growth and opportunity.”

Concludes Forshner.

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