Supportive Housing Here to Stay

New Approaches to Community-Based
Supportive Housing

Sarah EllisThe June 2, 2015 the Shelterforce Rooflines blog featured a post by Sarah Ellis who wrote, “Here to Stay: New Approaches to Community-Based Supportive Housing.”

Ellis is a policy and communications associate at the Housing Partnership Network, a member-driven organization comprised of 100 entrepreneurial nonprofits that operate all across the country.

Ellis summarizes the impact of the Olmstead decision at the state level and makes the case that:

“Mission-driven housing providers, including nonprofits, are positioned to be key partners as states move to expand community-based housing options for people with disabilities.”

“As states respond to Olmstead settlements and related efforts, housing providers should take note of the policy reforms and new programs coming their way.”

“In the midst of these changes, we have a chance to bring a renewed focus to the benefits of community-based, integrated supportive housing for people with disabilities. Let’s seize this opportunity by:

  • Talking with state and local health agencies as they coordinate housing and services for people with disabilities moving out of institutions.
  • Seeking out new partnerships with health and service providers to serve our residents and community members with long-term care needs, as well as arrangements with Medicaid agencies and managed care providers to pay for those services.
  • Exploring ways to ensure that people with disabilities have a broad range of choices in where to live while accessing high-quality services in their communities.”

Click here for Ellis’ full blog post.

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