Negative Health Impacts for Young Homeless Children

Early Housing Intervention Can Have Impact

Negative Health Impacts for Young Homeless ChildrenThe Center for Housing Policy at the National Housing Conference, in partnership with the Children’s HealthWatch, has released a report on the health outcomes of children who experienced homelessness at an early stage of life.

The brief, Compounding Stress: The Timing and Duration Effects of Homelessness on Children’s Health, highlights the physical and mental health risks associated with homelessness on children who experienced homelessness before or after birth.

According to the brief, children who have experienced both pre-natal and post-natal homelessness were:

  • 99% more likely to have poor child health.
  • 59% more likely to experience some form of developmental delays.
  • 42% more likely to be hospitalized after birth.

The report also finds that infants who have experienced homelessness for more than six months were more likely to experience adverse physical health effects compared to toddlers or children who have never been homeless. The brief suggest implementing early housing intervention programs to women and children experiencing homelessness can have a positive impact on the children.

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