Supportive Housing is a Proven Solution

Cory StorchOn July 12, 2015,, featured a letter to the editor, “Affordable Housing Helps Mentally Ill.”

Cory Storch, Chief Executive Officer of Bridgeway Rehabilitation Services makes the case for supportive housing’s success in ending homelessness in New Jersey:

“At Bridgeway Rehabilitation Services, we have seen firsthand the successful outcomes long-term, stable housing options create for New Jerseyans who struggle with mental illness. An amazing 97 percent of our clients in supportive housing options remain there and avoid future homelessness and hospitalization, giving them time to recover and access valuable treatment and rehabilitation services.”

“Bridgeway calls on local officials to seize this opportunity and to work hand-in-hand with developers, the non-profit community and advocates to ensure that our state rises to meet this challenge and gives our fellow New Jerseyans the opportunity to manage their disabilities so they can become productive citizens.

Storch tied in the critical importance of housing vouchers in creating affordable and supportive housing. The State’s decision in March that reaffirmed the commitment to fair housing policies offers an opportunity to create new supportive housing in communities across New Jersey.

Writes Storch.

“People battling severe mental illnesses aren’t statistics. They’re our parents, our siblings and our friends. They deserve the opportunity to live in dignity, to become part of the workforce and engage in the pursuit of happiness. Supportive Housing is a proven solution. And it costs less than dependence on hospitals and homeless shelters. It is a worthwhile investment for our state and municipalities to make.”

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