Getting to Know the NHTF and Regulations

NHTFThe fourth video in the National Low Income Housing Coalition’s (NLIHC’s) five-part series, Getting to Know the National Housing Trust Fund Law and Regulations, is all about the dollars and how they can be used. The National Housing Trust Fund (NHTF) is intended to add to the supply of rental housing affordable to extremely low-income households. As such, at least 90% of a state’s NHTF allocation can only be used to buy, build, rehab, preserve, or operate rental housing.

NHTF assistance can be grants, loans, and deferred payment loans. A unique feature of the NHTF is that it can be used to provide operating cost assistance or to create an upfront operating cost assistance reserve to help a project remain financially healthy for at least 30 years.

Getting to Know the National Housing Trust Law and Regulations is a five-part series that explains why the National Housing Trust Fund is necessary and why the focus is on extremely low income renters, describes how the funds will be distributed to states, emphasizes opportunities for advocates to influence how their state allocates the funds, and provides detailed information about how the funds can be used.

Click here to learn about the variety of eligible project costs for which NHTF can be used in the latest NLIHC video.

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