Coming To Terms With Intricacies of Fair Housing

Builder’s Remedy, Growth Share
Rehabilitation and Vacant Land After COAH

COAHOn July 21, 2015, NJ Spotlight featured an explainer focused on “Coming to Terms With the Intricacies of Fair Housing – After COAH.”

This article gives a good update on the current situation with municipal fair housing obligations.

In March 2015, New Jersey’s Supreme Court ruled that the “Council on Affordable Housing (COAH), the 30-year-old state agency that is supposed to oversee local housing plans, had failed to do its job.”

The Court said towns that wanted to participate in the process were to submit housing plans to a court by July 9, 2015.

“More than 200 towns have made some kind of court filing — typically either an affordable-housing plan or a request for guidance — and more are continuing to file, according to the Fair Share Housing Center, the Cherry Hill nonprofit whose suit led to the Supreme Court decision.”

The piece answers the following key questions about COAH:

  • Why towns should participate?
  • Why would towns not participate?
  • How much Affordable Housing should a town build?
  • How are the obligations calculated?

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