Hudson County Receives Frequent User Systems Engagement Funding

Will Address Needs of High-Utilizers of
Crisis, Criminal Justice Services

Frequent User Systems Engagement (FUSE)CSH is leveraging generous support from the Open Society Foundations and Capital One to offer Hudson County, New Jersey, and three other communities across the country, grant funding, as well as expert advice and assistance, to plan and implement the evidence-based Frequent User Systems Engagement (FUSE) model to address the needs of high-utilizers of crisis and criminal justice services.

The Hudson County Division of Housing and Community Development has increasingly focused on the chronic homeless population by local officials, community advocates and the public in general and applied for the grant in response to evidence of the growing need and presence of supportive partners.

The Division will work with nonprofit partners, the Department of Corrections and local hospitals to implement a program that ultimately saves money and contributes to our goal of ending homelessness.

FUSE will enable the community to systematically assess and identify those that are most in need and create the largest burden on our public systems. By prioritizing these individuals for housing first, the Division can implement a program that not only results in a significant costs savings, but also provides a more humane solution to address the homeless crisis.

The Division’s goals include:

  • Identifying chronically homeless individuals who are the most frequent users of local jails and hospitals,
  • Demonstrating that permanent supportive housing is a more cost effective solution that should be expanded throughout the county,
  • Leveraging additional resources in the community.

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