Barriers and Opportunities in Creating
Housing with Healthcare for the Homeless

HealthAffairs BlogOn July 22, 2015, the HealthAffairs Blog featured an article, “Housing is a Prescription for Better Health.”

The article highlights a community collaboration working to prioritize access to healthcare and housing in San Francisco and efforts in some states such as New York to take a more “holistic approach” to state budgeting.

“As these examples show, the need to improve health outcomes and provide more cost-effective care is driving innovative approaches to tackling homelessness and housing. However, a number of critical barriers still exist, limiting such efforts:

  • Restrictions on Using Medicaid Dollars to Fund Housing
  • Inadequate Incentives for Managed Care Organizations to Invest in Housing Services
  • Limited Availability of Affordable Housing and Supportive Services.”

And turning towards opportunities, “Despite these challenges, there is growing momentum among local, state, and federal policymakers to develop housing options for homeless individuals with complex health care needs. Areas of interest include:

  • Expanding Medicaid Coverage for Supportive Housing Services
  • Further Quantifying The Medicaid Return on Investment
  • Forging New Partnerships With Philanthropy and Private Capital Investment.”

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