Advocacy Needed to Increase
Federal Funding and Move Waiting Lists

Tenant TalkThe National Low Income Housing Coalition has released its latest edition of Tenant Talk.

This edition includes an article about the National Housing Trust Fund (NHTF) reminding tenants to get involved with the required public participation for deciding how their state should use this new source of money for increasing rental housing for people with the lowest incomes.

In New Jersey, the New Jersey Dept. of Community Affairs (DCA) will be the grantee for NHTF funding.

Another timely reminder regarding advocacy around the federal budget is “If there is no increase in funding, some programs might not be able to provide assistance to new families on housing waiting lists.” The President’s budget request for funding for 70,000 new vouchers is critical for moving waiting lists.

Congress is expected to make final HUD funding decisions late this year. So, there is still a lot of time to reach out to your Representative and Senators and ask them to:

  • End the spending caps for programs like housing.
  • Protect the National Housing Trust Fund from being raided in the budget.
  • Give PHAs enough money to issue almost 70,000 new vouchers.
  • Increase funding for homeless assistance programs.

Tenant Talk connects with residents on the housing policy issues affecting their lives. This quarterly newsletter is for tenants, residents and other low-income renters, and was created to engage low-income people in housing advocacy. Tenant Talk covers issues of importance to low-income residents, such as the budget and appropriations process and disaster housing.

Click here for the latest issue of Tenant Talk.

Click here to email NJ DCA Commissioner Chuck Richman About NJ’s NHTF.

Click here to contact your Congressional offices.

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