Using Rapid Rehousing as Catalyst for System Change

Employment, Youth Programs, Coordinated Entry and
More Topics of Alliance Presentations

Frank CirilloThe National Alliance to End Homelessness has posted the presentations from its July 2015 conference in Washington, DC.

Among the presentations now available, the Mercer Alliance’s Executive Director, Frank Cirillo’s presentation, “Using Rapid Rehousing as a Catalyst for System Change” was part of the “Community Efforts to Take Rapid Re-Housing to Scale” workshop.

A snapshot of the over 61 conference presentations available online include:

  • Improving Employment Outcomes
  • Incorporating Homeless Youth Programs into Continuums of Care (CoC)
  • Working with Police Officers to End Homelessness
  • How Prioritization Works in Coordinated Entry
  • Partnering with Public Housing Authorities (PHA)s and
  • Maximizing Your State’s National Housing Trust Fund Resources

Click here for the “Using Rapid Rehousing” presentation.

Click here a full listing of the conference presentation’s available on the Alliance’s website.