Housing First Key to Ending Veteran Homelessness

Continued Federal Investment Critical

Essex County Veterans Housing AcademyOn July 29, 2015, the Senate Committee on Veterans’ Affairs held a hearing on the national push to end veteran homelessness.

During the hearing, Lisa Pape, executive director of homeless programs within the Veterans Health Administration at the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA), noted her agency’s commitment to Housing First and explained that VA homeless assistance programs have been critical to progress so far.

“Sustaining the gains made so far requires continued investments of financial resources. Failure to provide such resources will severely jeopardize our ability to sustain our progress and will put at risk thousands of veterans and their families in the future.”

Said Pape.

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  1. When presented with a list of homeless Veterans as possible recipients of VASH vouchers, the VA pronounced all but one of the Veterans as ineligible for the vouchers because they required assistance other than just monetary help with their housing. How can the VA now say in a hearing that they commit to Housing First, if they do not adhere to the ideal of first providing housing stability and then offering the supports that the Veterans require? Housing first isn’t a new concept at this point, it’s clear what is needed to make it work – if they claim they are committed to it, the VA needs to provide the services their clients require.