Over 20% of Older Veterans in NJ Cost Burdened or Disabled

Examining the Housing and Services Needs of Veterans

Housing and Services of our Changing Veterans PopulationThe National Housing Conference and the Center for Housing Policy released a new report – Housing and Services of our Changing Veterans Population – that summarizes the unique housing needs of older Veterans especially those with disabilities, female Veterans with families, and post 9/11 Veterans who are housing cost burdened or experiencing homelessness.

According to the report:

  • In New Jersey, 35% of households of Veterans ages 55 or older are housing cost burdened, and 31% of older Veterans have a disability.
  • Across the U.S., 50% of female Veterans are housing cost burdened and tend to live in poverty compared to male veterans.
  • 20% of female Veterans of the Iraq and Afghanistan living in the U.S. are diagnosed with post-traumatic disorders.

The report also provides some key recommendations to help address the housing need of all Veterans. These include:

  • Conduct a needs assessment for the housing and service needs of current and future Veterans.
  • Establish a rental housing office for Veterans within the VA.
  • Expand the usage of low-income housing tax credits to include housing for female Veterans units.
  • Advocate for change to local policies and regulations in high-cost rental markets with employment opportunities to help develop affordable housing units for Veterans.
  • Provide additional project-based rental assistance for Veterans and improve implementation.

Click here to read the report.