Housing First Coalition Working to Bring Best Practice to Cumberland

A Home is the Solution to Homelessness

Reverend Dr. Rob WeinsteinOn August, 18, 2015, SNJ Today covered a Housing First Coalition meeting in Cumberland County.

Housing First is an approach to ending homelessness that centers on providing people experiencing homelessness with housing as quickly as possible – and then providing services as needed. This approach has the benefit of being consistent with what most people experiencing homelessness want and seek help to achieve.

Reverend Dr. Rob Weinstein, of Bethany Grace Community Church, and the Housing First coalition are trying to bring Housing First to the County and end homelessness.

Talking about the solution to homelessness,

“You know, it’s actually a very easy solution. If someone’s homeless, what do they need? They need a home,” said Weinstein. “So get them into a home, then build the wraparound services around that to elevate them. Because without a home, you can’t get your documentation in order. Without documentation you can’t get a job. Without a home, you can’t get a shower, you don’t have clothes, you don’t have a stable residence and nobody’s going to hire you.”

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