New Budget Bill Would Prevent Shutdown

Reinvest in American Security at Home and Abroad

NDD UnitedNDD United, a campaign of more than 2,500 groups, including Monarch Housing, is fighting to protect domestic programs from further cuts, strongly supports the Prevent a Government Shutdown Act of 2015 (HR 3476).

This bill, introduced by Representatives Chris Van Hollen, Nita Lowey, Rosa DeLauro and Barbara Lee takes the steps necessary to ensure that the government remains open beyond September 30, 2015 and that as a nation we are able to make critical investments in both our security at home, as well as abroad.

Congressman Donald Norcross co-sponsored the bill on September 17, 2015, and is the only NJ member supporting the legislation.

Under the current budget framework, the appropriations process has stalled due to inadequate investments in the programs that keep Americans healthy, financially stable, and safe at home. Time and time again, appropriators from both sides of the aisle have attributed insufficient program funding to the austere budget caps on discretionary spending.

Yet, Congress has not yet moved to replace sequestration cuts. This bill would require Congress to convene a committee to develop and pass a plan that replaces these harmful cuts with an enforcement strategy to ensure that Americans do not suffer the consequences should they fail to do their job. It would also ensure that any relief that is provided to defense is also afforded to non-defense, recognizing that non-defense funding is equally important in keeping Americans safe and secure.

“We have been waiting for “Ryan Murray 2.0” and for Congress to build on their efforts two years ago and deliver a new plan to replace sequestration. Until now, there’s been a lot of talk about sequestration relief and little action. This bill would force congressional leadership to step up to that plate and ensure that critical investments in veterans, education, public health, housing, and science are not left behind.”

Said Emily Holubowich, Co-Chair of NDD United.

“Congress must first pass a short-term Continuing Resolution to prevent a harmful and completely unnecessary government shutdown. Next, it must negotiate a deal to raise the spending caps by equal amounts for both defense and nondefense programs, in order to provide funds to invest in programs that create jobs, grow the economy, improve U.S. competitiveness and innovation, and improve our nation’s future. Finally, Congress must pass an omnibus appropriations bill that restores the deep cuts contained in the House and Senate appropriations committee bills, and instead provide the resources needed for the broad range of critical NDD programs.”

Said Co-Chair of NDD United Joel Packer—outlining the community’s priorities for this fall.

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